While real estate remains our core business, Isle of Mann has been known to selectively deploy capital where we identify opportunities that are rich with competitive advantage: proprietary technological advances, business model innovations, contrarian approaches, unique partnerships, elite teams or some combination thereof.

We don’t chase ROI—we build companies.

Invest in people

—not product.


We partner with credible and proven management teams in a variety of industry sectors across Canada and the Western US that share our core values—this begins with assessing the quality of the person before the idea. If you have a compelling story and are exceptionally accomplished or credentialed, we are happy to listen.

Identify, understand

& mitigate risk.


We understand that every new venture has risks. Clearly identified and understood risks, along with a cogent plan for mitigating them, is the critical criterion for evaluating VC opportunities. We look for talented entrepreneurs who know what they know but also know what they don’t know and are open to building strong teams to complement them.

Don’t take our

word for it.

Sproutly, Inc.

“As our business evolved, Isle of Mann was an instrumental financial and strategic partner in executing our business plan. Together, Sproutly is poised to become the leading supplier of water-soluble cannabis solutions and bio-natural oils to the emerging beverage and consumables market.”
– Keith Dolo, CEO

Doing big things?

Let’s see what you got.

Our process is highly selective but it all starts with the business plan or pitch deck. We commit wholeheartedly to the businesses we build so the upfront due diligence is rigorous, but when we’re in, we’re all in. Send your comprehensive business plan or pitch deck to and our Investment Management team will reach out directly if we think we can add value to your venture.