IOM Capital’s principal function is to source, underwrite and fund mortgage and land development investment opportunities across Canada and the Western United States. We believe real estate is an essential part of any judicious investor’s portfolio and offer a selection of products for retail and accredited investors alike, as well as institutional clients.

Qualified, secured

& efficient investments.


Our selection of real estate investment vehicles offer above-market returns through direct equity participation or through fixed-rate bonds that are eligible to be held in many tax-deferred plans such as RRSP’s, RESP’s or TFSA’s. Our various fund strategies are fully registered and qualified by the BC Securities Commission, and are collateralized by superior Metro Vancouver real estate.

We know real estate

—from the ground, up.


An investment with IOM Capital makes the full capabilities of our vertically integrated organization available for our clients’ benefit. This means that all investments are backed by our Investment team’s insight, our Development team’s experience, our Construction team’s execution, and our Asset Management team’s diligence.

Talk is cheap.


We put our money where our mouth is—all opportunities that are presented to the market are extensively vetted and invested in by IOM principals. This serves as a credible indicator as to the merits of an investment opportunity and allows our investors to leverage our 25-year track record toward their own financial gain.

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If you are a retail, accredited or institutional investor looking to leverage the strength of Canada’s real estate market to improve your portfolio, Isle of Mann is an accessible conduit for a variety of risk profiles. Learn more about our investment products, philosophy and services by downloading IOM Capital’s Client Information Package.

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