About Us

Challenge accepted

—opportunity seized.

Over 25 years our growth and success has been driven by a simple understanding—that anything worth accomplishing is necessarily challenging. To this end, we see challenges for the opportunities they inherently are, actively seek them out, and capably see them through.


Founded in 1994 as a modest developer of single-family homes, today Isle of Mann represents a vertically integrated commercial and residential property group. We leverage our experience and deep knowledge of real estate fundamentals to competently execute across the full spectrum of development, investment, and asset management.


IOM is a real estate firm

—from the ground, up.



Isle of Mann’s reputation is built on a foundation of hard work, integrity and care. Our commitment to upholding this standard is reflected in our active involvement at each stage of the real estate investment and development life-cycle—this ensures our core values and principles are employed throughout, and the IOM mark is associated with only the most discerning standards of execution and achievement.



IOM Capital Corporation is recognized among its peers as a shrewd player with significant buying power. We leverage this reputation in tandem with our market insight and sophisticated financial analysis to secure prime, off-market real estate development sites that generate immediate equity appreciation for our investors.



IOM Development Corporation is the conduit through which we bring our passion for real estate forward. We leverage our 25 years of knowledge and experience to conceptualize a truly progressive development project that is exceptionally designed for superior functionality and aesthetic.



IOM Construction is the general contracting arm and engine of our firm. We transform raw land into cost-efficient assets by synthesizing and competently executing on the planning, development and design efforts before us. The result is a high quality contribution to the built environment and integrated piece of community infrastructure.



IOM Management Services diligently performs the full scope of asset and property management services to maximize cash flow and tenant retention. It regularly reports directly to IOM Capital’s Investment Management Team to monitor asset profitability and overall portfolio performance.

Work hard,

sweat the details,

& always trust your gut.


We are systematic and purposeful in our approach without suppressing our instincts. We mitigate risk through rigorous due diligence and meticulous research and analysis. We are Isle of Mann, and this is what we do.


Real estate development is Isle of Mann’s core competency. Our project teams consist of established professionals that are equipped with the critical thinking and creative input that generate value within every phase of a development.


Each IOM project is guided by a cohesive vision that is developed collaboratively with municipalities to ensure a thoughtful alignment between local market conditions and city planning. We advance projects of scale across Canada that promote lasting socio-economic infrastructure and community growth.

Form & Function

We take immense responsibility in our role as contributors to the built environment. This pride is reflected in our acute attention to aesthetic design, while maximizing the efficiency of our site layouts and floor plans.


As the general contractor on many of our projects, IOM developments benefit from direct oversight by our construction team. Our methodology is informed by more than two decades of construction experience and a meticulous quality control protocol to maintain the highest standards of materials and skilled labour.

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With an active investment portfolio across Canada and the Western United States, we know that superior cash flows begin with superior real estate. Whether it be debt or equity financing, or property acquisition, our Investments division works thoroughly to ensure our stakeholders’ financial interests are cared for with the utmost integrity and aptitude.

Insight & Execution

In the ultra-competitive environment for AAA properties, our market insight and network of trusted professionals allow us to source off-market opportunities for strategic investment. We leverage our superior purchasing and lending power to swiftly execute on exceptional property acquisitions at below-market pricing, or to secure senior or subordinated debt on high quality real estate with above-market returns.


Through detailed research of markets and financial inputs, every investment decision is informed by an in-depth cash flow analysis under multiple scenarios. Our assessments are based on a foundation of conservative assumptions and market projections, while identifying a clearly articulated exit strategy.

Due Diligence

Our Transaction Management team consists of professionals in real estate law, corporate finance and investment analysis. Our systematic approach to evaluating acquisition and financing opportunities contributes toward our portfolio of quality assets, while giving capital partners the confidence to know their financial interests are in competent hands.

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Asset Management

From standard management practices of commercial and residential properties, to more specialized asset-class operations, vigilant oversight is a strict prerequisite to unlocking real estate’s full cash flow potential. Our Asset Management division regularly monitor portfolio performance and continuously explores means to maximize value from each of our assets.


We work with credible candidates to ensure an equitable arrangement between landlord and tenant, while maintaining terms that enhance asset profitability and growth. We work with our commercial tenants to generate value for their businesses, and continuously explore avenues to enhance quality of living for our residential tenants.


IOM assets are supplemented by attentive property management services and prudent financing arrangements to leverage cash flow. Through regular maintenance of a property’s physical and financial health, we extract full value-generating potential from our portfolio of quality assets.

Business Development

By leveraging our existing infrastructure, we efficiently operate businesses that rely on heavy utilization of real estate. Through strategic partnerships with top brands in the hospitality, senior care and self-storage sectors, we are experienced in developing businesses that are rooted in specialized CRE asset classes.

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Do good,

be better,

& stay humble.


We live by a small set of simple yet powerful principles that have served as the foundation of our success over the past 25 years. We are Isle of Mann, and this is who we are.

01 Integrity

We operate from truth and always deal in good faith. We value our relationships and hold the trust we have earned in highest regard.

02 Humility

We take our successes silently and prefer a low profile. Although we are proud of our accomplishments, we are humbled by where we aspire to be.

03 Respect

Regardless of gender, age, race, religion or political affiliation, mutual respect is the backbone of our team’s collaborative dynamic.

04 Competence

We are a results-oriented organization that is synonymous with the highest standard of professionalism, and we conduct ourselves accordingly.

05 Creativity

We are problem solvers—critical thinking and creative solutions are the competitive advantage that allow us to excel within our industry.

06 Growth

Complacency is the enemy—we continuously aspire to realize our better selves as citizens, professionals and as an organization.