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IOM is a real estate firm

—from the ground, up.

We are Isle of Mann—a vertically integrated group of real estate professionals committed to community growth and business success through disciplined investment and mindful development. Integrity, humility and respect are at the core of who we are.

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We rely on internal expertise in locating sites that naturally lend to the nuances of quality home living and economic development. The seamless integration of our projects within their environments, and the vibrant communities that result, are the hallmark of any Isle of Mann development.

Intelligent Design

Uncompromising Quality

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By leveraging the IOM platform, we provide access to private debt and equity investment opportunities for institutional and high net worth clients. Our various fund strategies have a demonstrated record of superior, risk-adjusted returns that are securitized by AAA real estate.

Strategic Investment

Proven Performance

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We know that diligent management practices lead to high-performing assets. With the vital support of our property management staff, IOM’s experienced asset management team regularly monitor portfolio performance and execute on leasing strategies to ensure secure and satisfied tenants.

Quality Covenants

Superior Cash Flow

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Guided by esteemed industry veteran Dave Mann, IOM leadership comprises experienced real estate professionals from various backgrounds and disciplines. We draw from our team’s deep knowledge and diverse expertise to analyze, assess and rigorously execute on multiple fronts.

Knowledge & Experience

Confidence & Trust

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Global citizenship is a defining and enduring characteristic of IOM. Through highly selective sponsorship, we are committed to creating a better world for future generations—no amount of time or money is too small to support the many causes that require our attention today

Think Global

Act Local

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The Isle of Mann story was born from challenging expectations, raising the bar and proving them wrong. Our deep roots in the entrepreneurial strength of Canada’s immigrants is reflected in our relentless work ethic, creativity and perseverance. We’re proud of our story and believe it’s an important one to share.



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More than a company.

We are a family—and like family, we support one another and take pride in each other’s success. But also like family, we have high expectations of each other. We work toward ambitious goals that demand top performance at all times—then we strive to do better.

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Well connected.

Through active membership in leading real estate organizations and regularly consulting key partners within the industry, we stay current on market knowledge and trends, and informed on strategies to deal with industry-wide challenges.