Press Release
October 23, 2019

Tiffany Kwong, Sources Community Resources Foundation:

WHITE ROCK – October 23, 2019 – For the second year in a row, Isle of Mann Property Group (IOM) has sponsored the Sources Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Gala. Ravi Mann, Director of Finance and Investment at IOM, said that one of the reasons why they have continued to support SOURCES is because of the wide variety of ways SOURCES helps the community.

“Sometimes when you do a lot, you do a little of a lot—but SOURCES does a lot of a lot.” said Mann. “David (SOURCES CEO) took me on a tour last summer of some local programs like the Food Bank, Women’s Place, a residential program and a centre for at-risk teens. I saw all of that and each one was incredible. It’s telling to the care that’s put into each of these community services.”

“When you see so much positive work happening within the community that you also live and work in, you want to help do your part to make sure it doesn’t stop,” Mann said.

The IOM team attended the 2018 “Like A Rock” themed Gala for which they were a first-time sponsor and Presenting Sponsor, and the 2019 “Enchanted” themed Gala for which they were a Gold Sponsor.

“We like to think we’re part of the SOURCES family now, so supporting the event for another year wasn’t a question for us,” Mann said.

IOM at the 2018 ‘Like A Rock’ SOURCES Gala

“South Surrey is our home and we are literally developing in our backyard and other places in the Lower Mainland. Supporting the community in which you are actively contributing to the infrastructure is not only deeply ingrained in our mandate and business plan—it’s par for the course.”

Last fall, IOM was nominated in the Community Builder Business of the Year category in the South Surrey & White Rock Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Awards.

“To this day we still don’t know who nominated us,” Mann said. “The construction awards and development awards that we win are great, but being recognized for those has to be status quo for our business. Community Buildermuch to my happiness, had nothing to do with development or construction. To be recognized as a contributor to the socio-economic development of our community was something we take a lot of pride in.”


IOM has their own charity: Mannkind Charitable Society (Mannkind), founded in 2009. Mannkind is active on an international level, in the welfare of orphaned children and the wellbeing of our environment.

“A lot of our resources in terms of personnel and volunteers goes towards fulfilling that mandate, so it’s really important for us to partner with local organizations that do as much – or in SOURCES’ case, more – than we could ever hope to achieve on our own through Mannkind,” Ravi said.

“Having operated our own charity for over 10 years, we’re keenly aware of the logistical challenges of organizing an event. It’s a lot of work. We thought the SOURCES Gala was exceptionally well-run and we had a blast. There’s a lot of energy and you can tell that the people who come out have the same kind of mindset as us: they’re all happy to be there and happy to support an organization that does so much for the community.”

Thank you so much to Isle of Mann Property Group for your generosity and support – you help promote social wellness in our community.

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